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Partner Story.
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A partnership built on trust, collaboration and passion for ONMOs mission to be the best casual gaming e-sports platform globally.
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OnMobile, a global leader in mobile entertainment has over 1.68 billion mobile users across the globe offering products such as Videos, Tones, Games & Contests. ONMO is redefining the mobile gaming space. With offices in Canada, Sweden and India, ONMO blends streaming, social gaming, e-sports, and AI into a unique mobile gaming offering.

Over the last one year, we've helped OnMobile Global build one of their most important digital product ONMO (a casual gaming esports platform) positioning how they talk to the world on digital and influence how their users interact with them on social media.

Social Media.
Defining the future of e-sports
In 2021 we partnered with OnMobile global to help them build a net new revenue- driving product ONMO on digital platforms. Through the year long partnership, we were able to help the brand launch on social media channels via content and helped them grow across digital platforms helping create a better experience for each and every user on the platform thats trying to disrupt the casual gaming industry.

And we helped them launch their "Hello Campaign" and Influencer Campaign across digital channels, showcasing their category-shaking features.
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A brand of the future, launched and scaled

OnMobiles big bet, ONMO, was launched as an esports casual gaming platform, powered by AI, real money gaming and a lot more features that make the platform collaborative. With an aim to educate, create awareness, and scale the business with paying users in its first phase over 3 countries internationally. Over the last few months, the platform has launched multiple features including crypto integration and to support the same we worked on a content and growth strategy by activating a dedicated team to collaborate closely with teams across Canada and India.

Office goers. Home makers. Adult students. or just anyone looking to take a quick game break. This is the audience ONMO caters to. Therefore it was critical to help ONMO communicate their platform features and USP effectively across digital touch-points to avoid being mistaken as a platform catering to hard core gamers only.

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