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Reimagining a shopping experience in the health and wellness space for the Middle east and Asia. 

Designing identity, market positioning , e-commerce experience, social media and growth strategy directed to the value driven health conscious audience of UAE and Asia. 

Client:  Nuqi Life 

The Challenge : 

Conceptualise and launch an e-commerce experience that is value driven. 

The Outcome : 

A holistic offering, from brand identity market positioning, e-commerce experience and social media launch that represents the founders vision. 

Health and wellness has been the number one priority for most of us, specially now, in a post covid world. In the UAE, which stands as a melting pot of cultures attracting people from across the world, health and wellness has always been a way of life. Diets like keto, paleo and vegan can now easily be adopted because of the awareness around it on social media via influencers and celebrities etc, also because boutique brands are now retailing products that make it easier to switch to such diets. However, most online platforms make it hard to discover products around such diets / values and lack transparency. 

Ajay and his partners set out on an ambitious venture: to create a lush online experience and an educational platform for all products healthy and natural. They were committed to improving the lifestyle of customers by creating a platform where they had direct access to natural and healthy products. The larger vision is to build a community that inspires and motivates consumers and promotes a culture of healthy living. The Indian born entrepreneur and his partners launched Nuqi Life, a conscious online shopping experience built around transparency, knowledge and sustainability. "The purpose of the venture is to provide a cleaner and healthier lifestyle option to its people" said Ajay. 

Having worked with an e-commerce giant in Australia, Ajay grew accustomed to browsing and shopping for quality products in the category. But when he moved to the UAE, he couldn't find any online store to shop these products from, most sold the "healthy" fad with hidden and smartly manipulated facts on nutrition labels. 

"I want to build a trustworthy brand that not only offers good quality products from conscious, sustainable and ethically practising vendors but also educate consumers about how to use these products" 

New Venture


Ajay wanted to build a trustworthy brand and they partnered with Vamos to help them build a scalable business based on that vision. 


"I lived in Australia for a large part of my adult life and as a relatively health conscious person, I've invested a lot of time finding products I trust" said Ajay, founding director of Nuqi Life. "That investment has been both in the time it takes to research the ingredients and also in understanding how to correctly use them". 


A team of strategists, content specialists and designers set out to position Nuqi Life for growth. They started with understanding the consumer behaviour, market sizing, a rebrand of the logo and positioning. 

What is it about coral that makes it so special? A pinkish orange shade, coral stands for warmth, freshness, feminism and increased enegrgy. Perfect colours for the brand we were looking to build.


It was crucial for us to design an experience that made it easy for consumers to discover products based on their values. We were also determined to build an e-commerce experience that reflected the core values of the founders. Trust being the most important one! Ajay wanted the consumers to discover the product and trust in their curation (they had an in-house nutritionist researching and carefully curating the brands after all! ) 


Designed  illustrative icons that not only guide the user and make the discovery process simpler & streamlined, they also highlight the values of these products resulting in easier purchase decisions. 

Mobile mockup.png

A mobile first UI design for Nuqi Life. 

A Digital Future 

This is just the start, Nuqi Life aims to launch this in the UAE and expand across India and other SEA countries after. With education as a part of their vision, the brand aims to build a strong digital community of a more woke, healthier and informed consumers on social media.

The brand aims to go live in 2021. Will Nuqi Life have a hand in changing the way the Middle east and Asia shops for health and wellness products? With a determined set of founders that believe in a better planet, aim to support local and are committed to improving the lifestyle of their customers, we see the need for a brand like this even more in a post-covid world. 


Web UI for Nuqi Life


Set of custom illustrations designed to launch the brand on social media. 

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