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Salad with Fish Fillet

Building a Brand for a new culinary experience 

Crafting a content experience to launch and bring to life a modern culinary experience 

Client:  Sree Annapoorna

The Challenge : 

Launch and create awareness for a modern brand that introduces more people to a modern culinary style through cuisine.

The Outcome : 

A holistic offering, from brand identity to dining experience, packaging and aesthetic that represents the founders vision. 

It’s a Saturday afternoon in Coimbatore, India. Lunchtime diners, mostly families, show up at The KOVE. Upon entering, the guests are greeted by the finely suited staff. Turquoise decor pop’s up against the ceiling that’s reflective of the textile manufacturing history of coimbatore. The interior of the space reflects the < > of the city tying different parts of the culture together and bringing them to life. 

After launching a successful chain of award winning restaurants, Akshay Luthria and his team of culinary experts found themselves longing to launch a brand to bring out the experience and flavours of north Indian street food. Realising that most diners in Bangalore had not experienced this, Akshay founded Street Storyss, an upscale, full service artisanal craft kitchen that introduced south India to the north Indian street food experience. North Indians came there to experience the nostalgia of the flavours and others, to experience something new and left with the broader understanding of the culture. 

Akshay had a vision to scale Street Storyss. The hospitality venture by the name of Street Storyss would offer a unique culinary experience alongside a lineup of pre packaged beverages, desserts and snacks that could be retailed off the shelf. Akshay partnered with Vamos Digital to establish an immersive and consistent brand experience from the restaurant and take away meals to packaging that can be retailed. 


Busy murals hand painted by local artists are a modern representation of the social nature of street food and vivid environment of North India. 

The brand comes to life across an array of packaging and menu with elements inspired from street food vendors and hawkers of North India. 

In close partnership with their architects, Vamos set out to bring Street Storyss to life and help it scale through brand and experience design. This included creating logo, identity, packaging, stationery, menu and aesthetic experience to bring the founders vision to life. 

We began by looking for cultural inspiration for Street Storyss's brand Identity - The logo, positioning, colours, typeface and messaging to guide future designs. They were inspired by Indian cart vendors who showed up in the evenings under lamp posts to serve for a few hours. The Street Storyss logo and its typeface is inspired by all the elements that brought this experience to life. There's a fine balance of colours, sophisticated pastels balanced with bright and vibrant colours to reflect the streets and textures of urban Delhi. 

Extending this experience to packaging, the food containers - made from recyclable and sustainable materials feature brightly designed labels. Customised patterned butter papers designed to wrap Indian breads and sturdy takeaway bags designed in bright colours. 

24 (1).png

To design the diner experience and environment in a way that invites curiosity about the street food culture, the team worked on identifying moments in their experience like entering, ordering food, paying and collecting their take away orders special. The signage, menu, staff uniforms and artwork were designed around these touchpoints. For example, when the diners are waiting, they can interpret the busy artwork on the walls. 

Street Storyss includes distinctive items like rose flavoured kheer, ​soya chaap tikki, peanut butter tikka and pomegranate kombucha - Chef Tarun Sibal and Chef Nishant Choubey's artisanal take on street food. 

The Street Storyss flagship launched in Bangalore in August of 2019. The Vamos brand guidelines have enabled the Street Storyss team to independently shepard new menus and product lines. This restaurant has helped Akshay and his culinary team realise their vision of bringing the flavours of street and a new dining experience to the diverse multicultural community of Bangalore 

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