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How brands can reimagine packaging in 2020 for a digital first, post COVID world.

The Big problem!

Soon after the nation partially eased the lockdown rules and let essentials and restaurants operate, I placed my first food delivery order and was scared to bits after it arrived! Thoughts about safety and hygiene preceded the taste of the food. I wanted to sanitise my food packaging before I opened the box and even after, a million thoughts about the kitchen hygiene and delivery personals hygiene lingered in my head!

I preferred ordering groceries online to reduce interaction with strangers and trusted contactless deliveries! Somehow restaurants or third-party platforms like Zomato, that assured safety stuck with me and seemed like a better option to order from.

Adding an endless list of groceries to cart week on week started to become a habit, sometimes I would be tempted to stock up further fearing an extended lockdown, but I would resist. The urban value-driven customer in me wanted to shop for fancier groceries on one site and essentials on another. Brands like Epigamia and Raw-pressery were easily available on their sites and offered quick deliveries.

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