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A Campaign designed to financially support the sanitary needs of orphan girls in rural areas of Karnataka


Scope:  Campaign strategy, Packaging, Communication, Design, Social Media

Life changes for girls when period strikes first, fortunately, most of us have mothers who comfort us, talk us through and teach us about menstrual hygiene but for millions of orphan girls in India, it isn’t the same. They have no one to comfort them, no hot bags to relieve their cramps and most of them are usually clueless about menstrual hygiene then.

Vamos digital via ThePOBox in association with an eminent underwater photographer and filmmaker, Anup J Kat designed an experiential campaign and were successful in financially supporting the sanitary needs of over 200 orphan adolescent girls in the state of Karnataka, India for a whole year.  

Only 2-3 % in rural India are estimated to use sanitary napkins. 

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